Lampredotto is a fundamental part of traditional Tuscan cuisine and certainly one of the pillars of the Bambi family history. That’s why when the idea of making the world’s largest lampredotto was born, we couldn’t back down. Bambi Trippa e Lampredotto has always supported popular traditions and seeks, through its activities, to pass on the legacy of Tuscan cuisine to future generations. 


A huge lampredotto sandwich!

On October 26, 2019 at 4 p.m., on the occasion of the National Day of Popular Traditions, we gathered at Le Murate Literary Café. Here, thanks to the BANG Cultural Association and together with our partners Conad, La Buticche di’ Lampredotto di San Frediano and MegaMagie del Pane, we set out to accomplish our Guinness World Record feat: to assemble the largest lampredotto sandwich ever, a good 120 cm in diameter by over 70kg in weight! And what did we do: we put the raw material – our magnificent lampredotto, as always handcrafted – and the ancient recipe of the Bambi family: a nice flavorful broth and all the love that such a preparation needs!


The words of the protagonists

Lampredotto is the symbol of poor street food – says Mirco Rufilli, city councilor and creator of the festival – but it is above all sharing, it is the essence of an authentic Florentine way of life. An identity value that we do not renounce and that, on the contrary, we intend to enhance. This is why it would be important to finally create a consortium of lampredotto, a city structure that would be able to strengthen the protection of the product and promote this tradition in a capillary and organized way.”


His words were joined by those of Federico Gianassi, alderman for Productive Activities: “When our gastronomic tradition marries with events like this, we cannot but stand by it. Florentine street food par excellence, the lampredotto sandwich challenges itself this time with this mega sandwich. It will be a nice opportunity to highlight one of our tastiest dishes on the day dedicated to popular traditions.”


For Bambi, on the other hand, this project represented several aspects: a challenge to oneself for the valorization of the product but also and above all an opportunity to once again celebrate the Florentine tradition of the lampredotto sandwich, trying to involve as many people as possible around this excellence that is all ours.