SINCE 1890

Bambi: short-chain trippa and lampredotto

We have always done it and we will continue to do it: at Bambi Trippa e Lampredotto, we process the raw material in all its phases, from the product that arrives from the slaughterhouse to the sandwich you bite. And we also write it with pride: Bambi is the only short supply chain in the field of trippa and lampredotto you can find in Tuscany.

Our goal is to keep home cooking made of simple and popular recipes alive, designed to use the little you had in the pantry enriched with the aromas of the garden.

Bambi makes traditional Florentine products his only creed. Lampredotto, trippa, peposo, and bollito are just some of the specialties that can be found every day on our counter.

The foundations of our products are two: good ingredients and family recipes, pieces of history handed down from generation to generation, respect for tradition, and with the right secrets to keep.

For some years now, Bambi has also launched a line of products in glass jars, to allow those who want to taste the delicacies of our cuisine at home too.